Flagship Project of Hamburg

A flagship project of Hamburg

By participating in proTechnicale, you benefit from a highly innovative educational concept and create the ideal conditions for starting your studies and career:

  • At our new location, the ZAL TechCenter, you have your finger on the pulse of aviation research. Experience, which trends are discussed and which technical developments will shape the future of flying.
  • You will intern at renowned partner companies in Germany and abroad. You will get to know the diverse working world of engineers, exchange experiences with experienced experts, get a taste of the management area and get valuable suggestions for your own career path.
  • Our partners from the academic field, such as the HAW Hamburg, the TU Hamburg, the University of Stuttgart or the University of Freiburg, will show you the requirements of your studies and work on practical scientific projects.
  • Technical workshops take place at the university level. You are already earning credit points that you can credit for a later degree.
  • In personality-developing seminars and philosophical workshops, you think further and beyond technology. Ethical issues such as responsibility as an engineer or manager play as much a role as reflection on and work on oneself as a human being and living personality.
  • You will live and study on a campus in the attractive metropolitan region of Hamburg together with other technology-interested high school graduates from Germany and Europe.