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Dear friends of proTechnicale

as a non-profit limited liability company under German law (gemeinnuetzige GmbH), Sophia.T operates in such a way as to cover its costs rather than to generate profit. Therefore we depend on the generousity of sponsors to stay fit for the future.

Below you will find projects, that would need to be supported. You can decide whether or not and in which extent you want to support us.

If you have any questions please contact our CEO
Dr. Jörg Merlein.

Thank you!

Social fund

With our social fund we support participants from low-income families by reducing their fees.

Hereby we support equal opportunities, as education should independent of origin.

Teaching materials

Planned purchases

  • new beamer
  • new laptopsfor participants
  • Software licences
  • new flip chart for the classroom

We also accept commodity contributions.


Plannded purchases

  • further furniture for the participants rooms on the campus

We also accept commodity contributions.

Workshop conflict training & teamwork

Planned purchases


  • Getting known to and testing of group development and
  • deescalation strategies
  • two-day workshop

Workshop microstructured surfaces


  • insights into the work of Fraunhofer ISE Freiburg
  • one-day Workshop

Philosophy-workshop, University Freiburg


  • philosophical examination of technological developments especially in security, e.g. SURVEILLE-project
  • one-day workshop



  • experimental acquisition of aerodynamic basics
  • multi-week course

Workshop Nanotechnology


  • introduction in nanotechnology focusing on battery systems, solar cells and future technologies
  • two-day workshop

Seminar Robotics in Freiburg


  • insights into the development of robots from scratch to coding
  • two-day seminar

Seminar Differential equations


  • introduction in applied Mathematics, connecting mathematical methods to reald-world problems
  • 1,5-day seminar

Workshop Chaos and Fractals in Freiburg


  • autonomous discovery and investigation of fractals
  • 2,5-day workshop

Course in Technical English


  • extrension of knowledge of the language in technical English
  • two-day cousre

Application Training


  • Know-how of written applications and convining appearence in a job interview (partly in English)
  • one-day workshop



  • practicing a respectful and appropriate way of behaving in worklife
  • one-day workshop



  • discussions about being human, selfconsciousness and identity, training of reading competence and analytical thinking
  • threee-day workshop

Workshop Rhetoric and writing


  • training of verbal and written expression with practical exercises
  • two-day workshop

Improvisational theatre


  • promotion of creativity, flexibilty and empathy, development of soft skills as presence, emotional intelligence and expressiveness
  • multi-week workshop

Vocal Coaching


  • discovering and strenghening of the own voice, overcoming inhibitions and promotion of self-assurance
  • three-day workshop