What is MUN?

This is a simulation of a United Nations Congress, with each participating group representing a country and its interests. MUNs take place worldwide, for example in Paris and Utrecht. Young people of all nationalities meet to learn to understand the complex processes of world politics and to broaden their horizons. Thus MUN promotes not only political understanding but also intercultural acceptance and communication.

proTechnicale meets MUN!

It enables the participants to engage in dialogue with other young people with whom they will shape a world in the future. Therefore, we are convinced that MUN is an important component of international understanding.

All our participants are politically interested, but they do not only hope to gain a lot of new insights at this level, but also to increase additional competences such as teamwork and diplomacy.

In addition, they attach great importance to linking technology and politics. They believe that a good engineer is not only technically excellent, but also aware of his responsibility to the consequences of his actions. Technology determines the direction of progress and the impact on society, so technology without politics is unthinkable.

First step – HamMUN

In the meantime, participation in Hamburg Model United Nations in December is an integral part of the proTechnicale program. This first insight into the world of MUNs plays a significant role in the concept of personality development of proTechnicale. At this event proTechnicale participants always discover their enthusiasm for applying diplomatic skills on an international level and decide on their own to participate in another MUN abroad.