Who we are

Our team & lecturers


Dr. Jörg Merlein, CEO

Friederike Fechner, Project Manager Sophia.T gGmbH

Wiebke Pomplun, Project Coordinator Sophia.T gGmbH


Manfred Kennel
Initiator of proTechnicale
manages projects and supports activities in all areas

Dr. Jörg Merlein
CEO of Sophia.T
PhD in Physics

Dr. Sebastian Altmann
Project engineer ZAL
is conducting the fuel cell workshop

Annemarie Bleile
Teacher St. Ursula Gymnasium Freiburg
is conducting a differential equations workshop

Jennifer Borchers
Inhouse Consultant Tiger Team f.u.n.k.e. MITTELSTANDS GmbH
accompanies the conceptualization and implementation of the social project

Paul Compton, M. A.
Lecturer at the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University
teaches technical English

Jens Deipenwisch
Teacher St. Ursula Gymnasium Freiburg
conducts a robotics workshop

Michaela Egloff
Singer, actress, vocal pedagogue
trains in the voice and the appearance of the participants in a vocal coaching

Luise Görner
Teacher of Metal Technology and Business Administration
is conducting a business plan game

Prof. Dipl. Designer Werner Granzeier
iPG innovations
is responsible for the didactic areas of visualization, ergonomics and innovative product development.

Dr. Christoph Heß
Senior Systems Engineer ZAL GmbH


Rainer Hinz-Raulfs
teaches aerodynamics and human factors



Marlene Körschges
Head of Human Resources and Organizational Development f.u.n.k.e. MITTELSTANDS GmbH
conducts an agile project management workshop and supports SOPHIA.T as volunteer

Elizabeth Matthis
Elizabeth Matthis Consulting
prepares the participants for international applications and job interviews

Dr. Philippe Merz
Managing Director Thales-Akademie
teaches and conducts research in epistemology, metaethics and medical and business ethics

Nandine Meyden
communication trainer
conducts the Business Knigge workshop

Inga Meyenborg
Master student in production engineering with a focus on mechanical engineering; proTechnicale Alumna 2012/13
prepares the participants for participation in HamMUN and supports them

Dipl. Psych. Turid Müller
Actress and psychologist
Nationwide with their music cabaret and chanson program “Teilzeitrebellin” on tour.
Also working as a lecturer at the interfaces between creativity and communication at various universities and other educational institutions.

Kolja Seeckt
trained aircraft mechanic and aircraft engineer and vocational school teacher.
teaches CAD (computer aided design)

Dr. Anja Talik
IT-Inhouse Consultant Tiger Team f.u.n.k.e. MITTELSTANDS GmbH
leitet den Workshop Datenauswertung mit Python

Johannes Vogel
Managing Director at Süddeutsche Zeitung Digitale Medien GmbH
accompanies the participants in their personal development through team and conflict training

Bernd Wittemöller
Lawyer and notary in Lübbecke

Markus Wobbermin
trained aircraft mechanic and vocational school teacher
teaches technical drawing

Depends on availability. More lecturers will be added soon.

Working for proTechnicale

In our new and innovative project, we build on the collaboration between industry, universities, schools and individuals. Again and again, new and exciting questions emerge, in which personalities from different fields can contribute. The project currently lives on creative, professional, motivated and committed people. We are pleased to meet you. We are looking for support for the following tasks: We are looking for suitable teachers on a fee basis to carry out workstations in mathematics. The workshops are intended to harmonize the different levels of the participants and to prepare for projects or later for the university. The scope per WS is about 30-40 lessons. We are especially looking for teachers with 2nd state examination.

Our participants have the task in preparation for their later studies to write a 50-page project work. The work should have a theoretical and a practical aspect. A variety of topics from the aerospace and alternative energy sectors are selected. This work should be accompanied technically and structurally over the creation period. The supervision effort is about 20-30 hours per project work. For this purpose, teachers with a 2nd state examination, who accompany our participants in their pedagogical and content-related topics and who are committed and active participants with words and deeds to the side.